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ἀκμ-άζω, ἀκμή) to be in full bloom, at the prime:

I. of persons, Hdt.2.134, Pl.Prt.335e; ἀ. σώματι, ῥώμῃ, X.Mem.4.4.23, Pl.Plt.310d, etc.; of cities and states, Hdt.3.57, 5.28; ἀ. τὸ σῶμα ἀπὸ τῶν λ́ ἐτῶν μέχρι τῶν έ καὶ λ́ Arist.Rh.1390b9; = τὰ τῶν νέων πράττειν Hyp.Fr. 122.

2. flourish, abound in a thing, πλούτῳ Hdt.1.29; παρασκευῇ πάσῃ Th.1.1; νεότητι Id.2.20; ναυσὶκαὶ χρήμασι Aeschin.3.163.

3. c. inf., to be strong enough to do, X.An.3.1.25.

II. of things, ἀ. ὁ πυρετός, ἡ νόσος is at its height, Hp.Aph.2.29, Epid.1.25, Th.2.49; τοῦ πάθους ἀκμάζοντος Phld.Lib.p.31 O.; ἀ. ὁ πόλεμος Th.3.3; of corn, to be ripe, Id.2.19.

2. ἡνίκα ..ἀκμάζοι [ὁ θυμός] when passion is at its height, Pl.Ti.70d; ἀκμάζουσα ῥώμη Antipho4.3.3; ἀκμάζει πάντα ἐπιμελείας δεόμενα require the utmost care, X.Cyr.4.2.40.

3. impers., c. inf., ἀκμάζει βρετέων ἔχεσθαι 'tis time to .., A.Th.97 (lyr.); νῦν γὰρ ἀ. Πειθὼ ..ξυγκαταβῆναι now 'tis time for her to .., Id.Ch. 726.