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ἀνάβᾰσις, poet. ἄμβασις, εως, ἡ, (ἀναβαίνω) going up, mounting, esp. on horseback, X.Eq.3.11; way of mounting, ib.7.4.

b. concrete, πᾶσα ἄμβασις, = πάντες ἀναβάται, all the horsemen, S.OC 1070.

c. ascension, εἰς τὸν ἕβδομον οὐρανόν Ascens.Is.10.21.

d. ascent of soul to God, Hierocl. in CA 26p.481M.

2. expedition up from the coast, esp. into Central Asia, as that of the younger Cyrus related by X.

3. rising of ariver, Heph.Astr.1.23; esp.inundation of the Nile, D.S.1.34, Placit.4.1, POxy.483; δικαία ἀ. normal rise, OGI666(i A. D.): pl., Str.16.1.24, Plu.2.368b.

4. Medic., increasing period of a disease, before the crisis (ἀκμή), Gal.9.556, al.

5. leaves of tree, LXX Ez.47.12.

II. way up, ascent of a tower, mountain, etc., Hdt.1.181,7.223, Men.Sam.20, etc.; ἡ ἀ. τῶν Ἐπιπολῶν Th.7.42; ἀναβῆναι ἐκείνην τὴν ἀ. to make that ascent, Pl.R. 519d, cf. 515e.

2. stairs, LXX 1 Ch.26.16, al.

III. metaph., progress, Artem.4.28; of numbers, progression, Id.2.70.

IV. = ἵππουρις; cf. ἀναβάσιον.