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ἀναξυρίδες, ίδων, αἱ, trousers worn by eastern nations, Hdt.5.49, 7.61, X.An.1.5.8; by the Scythians, Hdt.1.71, cf. Hp.Aër.22; by the Sacae, Hdt.3.87, etc.: sg., Luc.Hist.Conscr.19, Philostr.VA 1.25.

II. sg. ἀναξυρίς, ἡ, = ὀξαλίς, Dsc.2.114, Sch.Nic.Th. 838. (Derived from ἀνασύρεσθαι by Eust.22.8, but really Persian. Wrongly expl. as a head-covering by Poll.7.58.)