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ἀνα-παύω, poet. and Ion. ἀμπ-, fut. Med. ἀναπαύσομαι: aor. ἀνεπαυσάμην Att. and Hellenistic (but ἀνεπαύθημεν LXX La.5.5): later, aor. Pass. ἀναπάη IG14.158: fut. Pass. ἀναπαήσομαι v.l. Apoc.14.13, al.: pres. Med. ἀναπάεται IG14.1717, cf. PTeb.264:—
make to cease, stop or hinder from a thing, χειμῶνος ..ὅς ῥά τε ἔργων ἀνθρώπους ἀνέπαυσεν Il.17.550; ἀ. τινὰ τοῦ πλάνου give him rest from wandering, S.OC1113; τοὺς λειτουργοῦντας ἀ. (sc. τῶν ἀναλωμάτων) to relieve them from .., D.42.25, cf. 42.

2. c. acc. only, put an end to, βοήν S.Tr.1262; more freq. rest, make to halt, ἀ. στράτευμα X.Cyr.7.1.4; κατὰ μέρος τοὺς ναύτας ἀ. Id.HG6.2.29; κάματον ἵππων ἀ. A.Fr.192 (lyr.); σῶμα E.Hipp.1353; εἴδωλον ἀ. ἐπὶ ἅμαξαν lay it in a reposing posture, Ael.VH12.64, cf. NA7.29: abs., ἀνάπαυσον give me rest, Luc.Tyr.21.

3. bring to a close, τὸν λόγον Hermog.Id.1.8.

4. rarely intr. in sense of Med., take rest, ἀναπαύοντες ἐν τῷ μέρει Th.4.11; ἡσυχίαν εἶχε καὶ ἀνέπαυεν X.HG 5.1.21.

5. of land, cause to lie fallow, PSI400.10 (iii B. C.), PTeb. 105.3 (ii B. C.).

II. in Med. and Pass., take rest, ἀναπαύου κακῶν take rest from .., Cratin.297; ἀπὸ ναυμαχίας ἀ. rest after a sea-fight, Th.7.73; ἐκ μακρᾶς ὁδοῦ Pl.Criti.106a; ἀπ' ἄγρας κεκμακὼς ἀμπαύσεται [Πάν] Theoc.1.17; esp. of troops, halt, rest, X.Cyr.2.4.3, etc.; ἀναπεπ. τῶν εἰσφορῶν to be relieved from .., Isoc.8.20.

2. abs., take one's rest, sleep, Hdt.1.12, 2.95, al., E.Hipp.211, v.l. in Ar.Pl. 695, cf. Lys. 13.12, etc.

b. of land, lie fallow, Pi.N.6.11.

c. of the dead, ἀμπ. σὺν φιλίῃ ξυνῶς ἀλόχῳ Epigr.Gr.520.5 (Thessalonica); ὧδε ἀναπάεται IG14.1717, cf. Call.Epigr.15.1; ἀ. τοῦ βίου Heraclit. All.68, Hdn.3.15.2; ἀ. alone, die, Id.1.4.7, cf. Plu.2.110f; ἀ. τὸν βίον POxy.1121.12(iii A. D.).

d. regain strength, dub. l. in X.Cyr. 6 1.11.

3. rest or settle upon an object, τὸ τοῦ Θεοῦ πνεῦμα ἐφ' ὑμᾶς ἀναπαύεται 1 Ep.Petr. 4.14, cf. LXXIs.11.2; of shadows, Iamb.Comm. Math.8.