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ἀναπλέω, Ion. ἀνα-πλώω, Ep. ἀνα-πλείω (q.v.), sail upwards, go up-stream, στεινωπὸν ἀνεπλέομεν we sailed up the strait, Od.12.234, cf. Hdt.2.97, 4.89; sail up the Hellespont, X.HG4.8.36:—
Pass., ἀναπλεῖται ἐκ θαλάττης ὁ Πάδος Plb.2.16.10.

2. put out to sea, ἐς Τροίην νήεσσιν ἀναπλεύσεσθαι Il.11.22, cf. And.1.76, Decr. ap. D.18.184; ἀ. ἐπὶ τρόπαιον IG2.471.28.

3. float up, rise to the surface, ναυάγιον ἀ. Arist.Pr.932a1.

4. overflow, Ael.NA10.19.

II. sail back, Hdt.1.78; of fish, swim back, Id.2.93.

2. metaph. of food, return from the stomach, for rumination, Ael.NA2.54.

III. become loose, split off, of bone-splinters, Hp.Fract.24; ὀδόντες ἀναπλέουσι the teeth fall out, Id.Epid.4.19, cf. ἀναπλείω; of chalk-stones, come away, Orib.Syn.9.58.2.