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ἀναστέλλω, send up, raise, νέφεα Arat.417:—
Med., gird or tuck up one's clothes, νεβρίδας ἀνεστείλαντο E.Ba.696; ἀναστέλλεσθ' ἄνω τὰ χιτώνια Ar.Ec.268: abs., ἀναστειλαμένη Artem.4.44:—
Pass., ἀνεσταλμένῳ τῷ χιτῶνι with one's frock girt up, Plu.2.178c.

II. draw back, e.g. the flesh in a surgical operation, Hp.VC14; push back or up, τὰς ῥίζας [τῶν ὄρχεων] Arist.HA632a17:—
Pass., to be turned up, of the foot, Hp.Mochl.24.

2. open, στόμια μεμυκότα Ph.1.278,al.

3. repulse, check an assault, E.IT1378, Th.6.70, X.An. 5.4.23: generally, οἱ ἄνεμοι ἀ. τὰ νέφη Arist.Pr.943a35, cf. Epicur. Ep.2p.51U.; φόβος ἀ. τινά Ael.NA5.54: Medic., check a discharge, etc., Leonid. ap. Aët.16.40, cf. Sor.2.9:—
Med., suppress one's inclinations, dissemble, Plb.9.22.9:—
Pass., Th.3.98, Phld.Ir.p.82 W.: c. gen., ἀ. τοῦ .. to be restrained from .., Ael.NA8.10; ἀνεστάλησαν τὴν ὁρμήν VH6.14.

4. remove, make away with, γῆν D.S.17.82; τὰ ἐμποδών Ph.1.407.

5. lay aside, Dam.Pr.400.

III. in Med., renounce, refuse, ἀναστέλλεσθαι τροφήν Ael.NA11.14.