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ἀνατείνω, poet. ἀντ-, lift up, χεῖρας ἀ., in swearing, Pi.O.7.65; also in prayer, Id.I.6(5).41; εὐξόμεθ' ..ἀνατείνοντες τὼ χεῖρ' Ar.Av. 623; as token of assent in voting, X.An.5.6.33, etc.

2. stretch forth, so as to threaten, τὴν μάχαιραν ἀνατεταμένος X.Cyr.4.1.3:—
Med. (with aor. 1 Pass.), οὐδὲ Πολυδεύκεος βία χεῖρας ἀντείναιτ' ἂν ἐναντίον αὐτῷ Simon.8; οὐδὲν ἂν ὑμ�;̂ν εἶχε ἀνατείνασθαι φοβερόν hold out any alarming threat, D.19.153: abs., threaten, Plb.5.55.1: c. dat., 4.82.8: c. fut. inf., 4.18.10.

3. hold up, offer as a prize, Pi.N.8.25 (Pass.).

4. present a document to a magistrate, BGU613.3 (ii A.D.).

5. lift up, exalt, κῦδός τινος Pi.N.8.34; ἀνατείνασθαι ἀρχήν strain or augment its force, Plu.Cleom.10.

6. lift up, κάρα Pi.N.1.43; ἑαυτόν Ael.NA3.21; ἀ. τὰς ὀφρῦς pucker, Luc.Tim.54.

7. of sound, strain to a high pitch, Arist.Pr.920b20(Pass.).

8. metaph., excite, τινά Plu.2.60c:—
Pass., Phld.Lib.p.44O.; of the soul, etc., ἐς ἀμέθεκτον αἰτίαν Procl.Inst.100, cf. 23.

II. spread out, expand, e.g. a line of battle, τὰ κέρατα X.Cyr.7.1.6, cf. ib.23; ἀετὸς ἐπὶ δόρατος ἀνατεταμένος spread eagle, ib.4; ἀ. ἱστία πρὸς ζυγόν Pi.N.5.51:—
Pass., to be distended upwards, Ti.Locr.102a; extend, εἰς ὕψος Plb.9.21.10.

III. hold out, persevere, esp. in abstinence from food, Sor. 1.56, Arr.Epict.2.17.9.

IV. intr., reach up, stretch up, πέδιλα ἐς γόνυ ἀνατείνοντα Hdt.7.67.

2. extend, stretch out, ὄρος ..ἀ. ἐς τὴν Οἴτην Hdt.7.176, cf. 8.107, Arist.HA524b19, Epicur.Nat.11.5, Inscr.Prien.37.160, 42.69: metaph. in Pass., πρὸς ἄφρονας ταῦτ' ἀ. these things only reach or affect foolish people, Phld.Herc.1251.12.