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ἀνατίθημι, pf. ἀνατέθηκα SIG1018.9 (Pergam.), etc.:—
lay upon, once in Hom., ἐλεγχείην ἀναθήσει μοι Il.22.100; ἀ. ἄχθος lay on as a burden, Ar.Eq.1056 (hex.), cf. X.An.3.1.30; κινδύνους ἰδιώταις ἀ. Hyp.Eux.9: in good sense, ἀ. κῦδός τινι Pi.O.5.8. b. Med., put on board ship, IG5(1).1421 (Cyparissia).

2. in Prose, refer, attribute, a thing to a person, μεγάλα οἱ χρήματα ἀ. Hdt.2.135; οὐ γὰρ ἄν οἱ πυραμίδα ἀνέθεσαν ποιήσασθαι would not have attributed to her the erection of the pyramid, ib.134; φοίβῳ τήνδ' ἀναθήσω πρᾶξιν E.El. 1296; εἰμή, ὅταν ..εὖ πράξητε, ἐμοὶ ἀναθήσετε will give me the credit of it, Th.2.64; οὐ τῷ συμβούλῳ τὴν τοῦ κατορθοῦν ἀνέθηκε δύναμιν D.18.290; ἀ. τινὶ τὴν αἰτίαν τινός Isoc.1.37, Aeschin.2.10; also, compare, τινὰ εἴς τι Eun.Hist.p.261 D. b. ἀ. τινὶ ἅπαντα πράγματα lay them upon him, entrust them to him, Ar.Nu.1453, Th.8.82.

II. set up as a votive gift, dedicate, τινί τι Hes.Op.658, Pi.O.3.30, Hdt.2.159,7.54, Ar.Pl.1089, etc.; Ῥήνειαν ἀνέθηκε τῷ Ἀπόλλωνι Th.1.13; ἀνάθημα ἀνατιθέναι Hdt.1.53, 2.182; ἀ. τι ἐς Δελφούς Id.1.92, 2.135, 182, Pl.Phdr.235d, etc.; less freq. ἐν Δελφοῖς Theopomp.Com.1 D., Plu.Sol.25; dedicate a book, Id.Sull.6; ἀ. τινά set up a statue of .., SIG420 (Delos, iii B.C.); incorrectly of burial, OGI602 (Jaffa):—
Pass., ἀνατεθῆναι Ar.Eq.849; cf. ἀνάκειμαι.

2. set up, erect, [στήλην] παρὰ βωμόν, νεών, Plb.5.93.10, Plu.Publ.14: metaph., dedicate, μακραγορίαν λύρᾳ Pi.P.8.29; ἀ. τὰς ἀκοὰς τοῖς ἀκροάμασι give them up to, Plb.23.5.9.

3. set up and leave in a place, ἀ. τινὰ ἐπὶ κρημνόν Ar.Pl.69; ἀ. ζῶντα (on a cross) Plb.1.86.6.

III. put back, τί γὰρ παρ' ἦμαρ ἡμέρα τέρπειν ἔχει, προσθεῖσα κἀναθεῖσα τοῦ γε κατθανεῖν; pushing us forward or moving us back on the verge of death, S.Aj. 476; cf. B.11.2.

B. Med., put upon for oneself, ἀναθέσθαι τὰ σκεύη ἐπὶ τὰ ὑποζύγια X.An.2.2.4; pack on one's cart, Lys.7.19; τοῖς ὤμοις ἀ. τινά put on one's shoulders, Plu.2.983b; freq. like Act., ἀ. τινὰ ἐφ' ἵππον Id.Art. 11, etc.

2. impart, communicate something one's own, τινί τι Act.Ap.25.14, Ep.Gal.2.2, Plu.2.772d.

3. remit, refer, ἀ. περί τινος εἰς σύγκλητον refer the consideration of it to the Senate, Plb.21.46.11, cf. App.Sam.4.

II. place differently, change about, e.g. the men on a draught-board, ἀνὰ πάντα τιθεσθαι v.l. in Orac. ap. Hdt. 8.77.

2. take back a move at πεττοί, Pl.Hipparch.229e: hence metaph., retract one's opinion, X.Mem.1.2.44, cf.2.4.4; freq. in Pl., ἀνατίθεσθαι ὅ τι δοκεῖ Pl.Grg.462a, cf. Prt.354e. Chrm.164d; οὐκ ἀνατίθεμυι μὴ οὐ .. retract and say this is not so, Id.Phd.87a; οὐκ ἀ. μὴ οὐ καλὼς λέγεσθαι Id.Men.89d; ἀνατιθέμενος τὸ διημαρτημένον Luc. Pseudol.29.