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ἀνῐμ-άω, used by early writers only in pres. and impf. (aor. ἀνίμησα Hierocl.p.63.19 A., Plu.Phoc.18), draw up, raise water by means of leather straps (ἱμάντες), ἀπὸ τροχιλιᾶς Thphr.HP4.3.5, cf. Hierocl. l.c.; generally, draw out or up, ἀλλήλους δόρασι ἀνίμων X. An.4.2.8, cf. Eq.7.2; κάδον Sor.1.93:—
Pass., aor. ἀνῑμήθην App. Mith.32, D.L.1.116, Antig.Mir.157: pf. ἀνίμημαι Luc.Pisc.50:—
freq. used by later writers in Med., ἀνιμῶμαι Id.Alex.14; τῇ προβολῇ φόρτον, of an elephant, Aret.SD2.13; of the sun causing evaporation, Stoic.1.35, 2.197, Gp.1.13.1: fut. -ήσομαι Longus 1.12: aor. -ησάμην Plu.2.773d, Luc.VH2.42, etc.

II. seemingly intr. (sc. ἑαυτόν), get up, X.Eq.7.1.