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ἀντιπάσχω, suffer in turn, κακὰ ἀ. suffer evil for evil, Antipho 4.2.3; δεσμούς X.Hier.7.12; τί ἂν δράσειαν αὐτούς, ὅ τι οὐκ ἂν μεῖζον ἀντιπάθοιεν; Th.6.35; δρῶν ἀντιπάσχω χρηστά I receive good for good done, S.Ph.584; καλὸν τὸ εὖ ποιεῖν μὴ ἵνα ἀντιπάθῃ Arist.EN1163a1; ἀ. ἀντί τινος Th.3.61: abs., suffer for one's acts, X.An.2.5.17.

b. to be affected in a contrary manner, ἡ ψυχὴ τοῖς σώμασιν ὡς ἀσώματος ἀντιπέπονθε Sallust.8; opp. συντρέχειν, Alex.Aphr.inTop.437.16.

2. τὸ ἀντιπεπονθός requital, Arist.EN1132b21 (Pythag.); of persons, εὔνοιαν ἐν ἀντιπεπονθόσι φιλίαν εἶναι ib.1155b33.

3. to be in the same proportion, πρός τι Id.Mech.850b2.

4. to be reciprocally proportional, Euc.6.14, al.; -πεπονθότα σχήματα figures having the sides about the equal angles reciprocally proportional, Id.6 Def.2, cf. Hero*Deff. 118. Adv. -πεπονθότως reciprocally, Archim.Aequil.1.6,7, al., cf. Nic.p.11 P.

II. counteract, δυσουρίαις, θανασίμοις φαρμάκοις, Dsc.3.62,64.

III. to be of opposite nature to, τινί Thphr.Lap. 14.

IV. Gramm., ἀντιπεπονθώς reflexive, κατηγορήματα Stoic.2.59.

V. to be adversely affected, Agathin. ap. Orib.10.7.11, Archig. ap.eund.8.2.15.