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ἀπελαύνω, also ἀπέλα as imper. from pres. ἀπελάω, X.Cyr.8.3.32; Dor. impf. ἀπήλαον vulg. in Ar.Lys.1001 (but prob. ἀπήλααν, = ἀπήλασαν, should be read): fut. -ελάσω LXXEz.34.12; Att. -ελῶ (also in Hdt.8.102): pf. -ελήλακα X.Cyr.4.2.10:—
Pass., aor. -ηλάθην [ᾰ]: pf. part. ἀπεληλαμένος Artem.4 Prooem.:—
Med., aor. -ηλασάμην AP7.303 (Antip. Sid.):—
drive away, expel from a place, τινὰ δόμων, πόλεως, etc., E.Alc.553, etc.; ἀπὸ τόπου X.Cyr.3.2.16; ἀ. τινά drive away, banish him, S.OC93,1356, etc.; expel (from a society), X.An. 3.1.32; exclude, keep at a distance, Ar.Eq.58; remove, φόβον τινί X. Cyr.4.2.10; exclude from a thing, Id.HG3.2.31:—
Med., ἀ. τί τινος ward off, avert from him, APl.c.

2. ἀ. στρατιήν lead away an army, Hdt.4.92: freq. abs. like ἀπάγω, march, depart, ἐς τὰς Σάρδις Id.1.77, cf. 5.25, etc.; πυρώσας τὰς Ἀθήνας ἀπελᾷς Id.8.102; also (sc. ἵππον) ride away, X.Smp.9.7, etc.

II. Pass., to be driven away, ἐνθεῦτεν Hdt.5.94; ἐντεῦθεν εἰς ἄλλον τόπον X.Cyr.1.2.3; γῆς ἐμῆς πρός τινος S.OC599; to be excluded from a thing, ἁπάσης [τῆς στρατιῆς] from the command, Hdt.7.161, cf. X.Cyr.1.2.15; τῆς πολιτείας Lys.18.5; τῶν ἀρχῶν Pl.R.564d; ἀ. τῆς φροντίδος to be far from, Hdt.7.205; ἐς πατέρ' ἀπηλάθην τύχης was barred from [good] fortune on my father's side, E.HF63; ἀ. φιλίας Them.Or.7.90c.