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ἀπο-στροφή, ἡ, turning back, X.Eq.9.6; ἀ. νώτων Max. Tyr.9.8; ἀ. λαμβάνειν make a bend, of a stream, Plu.Luc.27, cf. Luc.Hipp.2.

2. twisting, ὄρχεων ἀποστροφαί Trag.(Satyr.)Oxy. 1083.10.

II. turning away from, escape, refuge, c. gen., τύχης, κακῶν, A.Pr.769, E.Fr.444; ζημίας Id.Med.1223.

2. resort, recourse, Hdt.8.109, Th.4.76; ἥκει βίου τελευτὴ κοὐκέτ' ἔστ' ἀ. S.OC 1473, cf. E.Med.603; οὐκ ἔχων ἀ. D.4.8, cf. Hyp.Dem.Fr.5; in pl., Antip.Stoic.3.255: c. gen. objecti, οὔ σφί ἐστι ὕδατος οὐδεμία ἄλλη ἀ. no other means for getting water, Hdt.2.13; so σωτηρίας ἀ. Th.8.75; βίου Luc.DMeretr.6.1; ἀ. τοῦ δήμου ποιεῖσθαι secure a refuge with .., Philostr.VS2.1.4.

III. Rhet., apostrophe, when one turns away from all others to one, and addresses him specially, Phld.Lib.p.11O., Quint.Inst.9.2.38, Longin.16.2, Hermog.Inv.4.4, Id.1.10(pl.), Phoeb. Fig.1.1, Alex.Fig.1.20.

IV. aversion, Plot.1.1.1; opp. ἐπιθυμία, Simp. in de An.15.36; γευμάτων Aret.SD2.6; σιτίων Gal.11.261; ὀσμῆς Gp.12.39.8.

V. diversion, amusement, Plu.2.133b(pl.).

VI. elision, A.D.Pron.46.1(ubi leg. ε̄).

VII. = προδοσία, Hsch.