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ἀποσῴζω, save or preserve from, νόσου S.Ph.1379; ἐκ τῶν ναυαγίων -σωθέντες Luc.Herm.86; ἀ. οἴκαδε bring safe home, X.HG7.2.19, cf. An.2.3.18.

2. keep safe, Pl.Phlb.26c, Lg.692c, IG2.268; ἀ. πατρὸς γνώμας keep them in mind, remember, E.Fr.362.2.

3. preserve, τὴν τάξιν, of the pulse, Gal.14.635.

II. Pass., ἀποσωθῆναι ἐς .. to get safe to a place, Hdt.5.87, 7.229, X.HG1.3.22; ἐπὶ θάλατταν ib.3.1.2: abs., get off safe, Hdt.2.107, al.

III. intr. in Act., ἀ. γενομένη come safely into being, Pl.Ep.336b.