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ἀποψηφ-ίζομαι, Att. fut. -ῐοῦμαι D.22.45: Dep., c. pf. Pass., D.C. 39.55:—
vote away from, opp. καταψηφίζομαι, θάνατον ἀ. τινός vote death away from him, refuse to condemn him to death, Lycurg. 149.

2. refuse to elect, τινά Plu.Cor.15.

II. ἀ. τινός (gen. pers.),

1. vote a charge away from one, i.e. acquit, Antipho 5.96, Lys.12.90, D.18.250; τινός Id.19.212: abs., vote an acquittal, Pl.Ap. 34d, 39e; ἀ. τινὸς ὡς οὐκ ἀδικεῖ Arist.Pr.951b1.

2. vote the franchise away from one, disfranchise, D.57.11; τοῦ παιδός Id.59.59, cf. Aeschin.1.114; ἀ. μὴ εἶναι ἐλεύθερον Arist.Ath. 42.1:—
Pass., τὸν ἀποψηφισθέντα Ἀντιφῶντα D.18.132; δικαίως ἔστ' ἀπεψηφισμένος Aristopho 11.1; ἀ. τοῦ πολιτεύματος Plu.Phoc.28.

III. c. acc. rei, reject: of judges, ἀ. γραφήν vote against receiving the indictment, Aeschin.3.230; ἀ. τὸν νόμον (with play on νόμος 'tune') Pl.Lg.800d; ἀ. ἃ Διοπείθης κατεψηφίσατο Is.5.34, cf. D.20.164; ἀποψηφιζόμενον μὲν κύριον δεῖ ποιεῖν τὸ πλῆθος to give them an absolute power of rejection, Arist.Pol.1298b35.

IV. folld. by μή c. inf., vote against doing, X.HG3.5.8,D.19.174; so ἢν δ' ἀποψηφίσωνται (sc. μὴ ἕπεσθαι) X.An.1.4.15; ἀποψηφίσασθαι ἔφη Id.HG7.3.2.—
Act. only -ψηφίζοντες: refragantes, Gloss.