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ἀτριβ-ής, ές, not rubbed: hence,

1. of places, not traversed, pathless, Th.4.8,29, Ph.2.257, al.; of roads, not worn or used, X.An.4.2.8, App.Hisp.62: generally, fresh, new, X.Mem.4.3.13, cf. Cyr.8.7.22 (v.l. ἀκρ-).

2. of the neck, not galled, Pl.Amat. 134b; ἀ. ζεύγλης Babr.37.1.

II. not practised in, πολεμικῶν ἀγώνων D.H.3.52. Adv. -βῶς Poll.5.145.