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αἰθρ-ία, Ion. -ιη, ἡ, = αἴθρη, first in Sol. 13.22, then in Ion. Prose, Com., X., and Arist.: ἐξ αἰθρίης καὶ νηνεμίης Hdt. 7.188; ἐξ αἰθρίας ἀστράψω Cratin.53, cf. Hdt.3.86, X.HG7.1.31; αἰθρίας οὔσης in clear weather, Arist. Mete.342a12; αἰθρίης or -ίας abs., Hdt.7.37, Ar.Nu. 371; τῆς αἰθρίας Arist.Pr.939b15.

2. esp. the clear cold air of night, Hdt.2.68, cf. Hp. Aët.8. [ῐ in penult. exc. in dact. and anap., Sol. l.c., Ar. l.c.]