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αὖθις, Ep. and Ion. αὖτις (also in S.Ichn.227,229, Fr.599, cod. Laur. in Id.OC 234 (lyr.), 1438, and Men.Epit.362, Sam.281,292), Adv., a lengthd. form of αὖ:

I. of Place, back, back again, αὖτις ἰών Il.8.271, al.; ἂψ αὖτις ib.335; τὴν αὐτὴν ὁδὸν αὖτις 6.391; rare later, δευρὶ καὖθις ἐκεῖσε Ar.Ra.1077.

II. of Time, again, anew, Il.4.222, etc.; freq. strengthd., ὕστερον αὖ. 1.27, cf. S.Aj.858; ἔτ' αὖ. Il.9.375; πάλιν αὖ. 5.257, S.Fr.487; αὖ. πάλιν Id.OC364, etc.; αὖ. αὖ πάλιν ib.1418 codd.; αὖ πάλιν αὖθις Ar.Nu.975; μάλ' αὖ. A.Ch. 654,876, Ag.1345; βοᾶν αὖθις cry encore! X.Smp.9.4.

2. in turn, αὖθις ἐγὼ αὐτοὺς ἀνηρώτων Pl.Chrm.153d.

3. of future Time, hereafter, ταῦτα μεταφρασόμεσθα καὶ αὖ. Il.1.140, cf.A.Ag.317, S.Aj.1283, Antipho 5.94, Isoc.4.110; ὁ αὖ. χρόνος Pl.Lg.934a; οἱ αὖ. posterity, S.E.M.1.53.

III. of sequence, in turn, A.Th.576, S.OT1403, Pl.Ap.24b; on the other hand, οὔτ' ἀβέλτερος οὔτ' αὖ. ἔμφρων Alex. 245.8; sts. in apodosi for δέ, τοῦτο μέν ..τοῦτ' αὖθις ..S.Ant.167; πρῶτα μέν ..αὖτις δέ ..Hdt.7.102.