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αὐτόθεν, before a conson. sts. αὐτόθε, Theoc.5.60, Supp.Epigr.2.293 (Delph., iii/ii B. C.): Adv.

I. of Place, = ἐξ αὐτοῦ τοῦ τόπου, from the very spot: freq. with a Prep., αὐ. ἐξ ἕδρης straight from his seat, without rising, Il.19.77; αὐ. ἐξ ἑδρέων Od.13.56, cf. 21.420; ἐκ τοῦ Ἄργους αὐ. Th.5.83; Ἄργεος ἐξ ἱεροῖο αὐ. Theoc.25.171: rare in Trag., σὺ δ' αὐ. μοι χαῖρε from where you stand, not coming nearer, S. OC1137; τῶν μὲν αὐ. τῶν δὲ ἀπὸ Στρυμόνος some from the country itself, others .., Hdt.1.64; αὐ. παρασκευῇ ἐπιέναι with a force raised on the spot, Th.6.21; αὐ. πολεμοῦντα βιοτεύειν live on the country, Id.1.11; ὅπως αὐ. αὐτῷ τὰ σώματα καὶ τὴν γνώμην παρασκευάζοιντο X.Ages.1.28; οἱ αὐ. the natives, Th.2.25, 6.21, cf. 4.129; χρυσὸς αὐ. καθαρός in its native state, Plb.34.10.12; ἐνθένδ' αὐ. Ar.Ach.116; ὕδωρ αὐ. ποθὲν συλλειβόμενον Luc.Alex.13.

2. from oneself, of one's own accord, spontaneously, Demetr.Eloc.32; αὐ. εἰδέναι τι Dam. Pr.351.

II. of Time, as we say on the spot, i.e. at once, immediately, Il.20.120, A.Supp.102, Hdt.8.64, Th.1.141; δῆλός ἐστιν αὐ. Ar.Eq.330, cf.Ec.246, Pl.Grg.470e; λέγετε αὐ. Id.Smp.213a.

2. obuiously, αὐ. ἐκφανής self-evident, Cleom.1.8; αὐ. γνώριμος Muson. Fr.1p.2H.; αὐ. πρόδηλον S.E.P.2.164; αὐ. φαίνεσθαι Plu.2.930a; αὐ. ἐναργής Plot.5.5.1.

3. hastily, Plb.5.35.13, al., D.S.1.37.

III. merely, only, dub. in Pl.Sph.22cb, cf. Plu.2.631d, Luc.Merc.Cond.4.