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αὐχήν, ένος, ὁ, neck, throat, of men and beasts, Il.7.12, Hes.Op. 815, Arist.HA493a5, PA691b29: rarely, gullet, Nic.Th.350: in pl., of one neck, S.Fr.659.4, Orph.L.137, AP5.27 (Rufin.).

2. metaph., τὸν αὐ. ἱστάναι to be high-spirited, Philostr.VA7.23; αὐχένα ὑψηλὸν ἀποθέσθαι Vett. Val.261.16.

II. metaph., any narrow band or connexion (like a neck):

1. neck of land, isthmus, Hdt.1.72,6.37, X.An.6.4.3.

2. narrow sea, strait, of the Bosporus, Hdt.4.85, 118; αὐ, πόντου, of the Hellespont, A.Pers.72 (lyr.); of the point at which the Danube spreads from a single stream into several branches, Hdt.4.89.

3. mountain-pass, defile, Id.7.223.

4. neck of the thigh-bone, Hp.Art.55; cervix uteri, Id.Steril.230, Poll. 2.222 (but, pars vaginalis, Gal.UP14.3); root of the tongue, Ruf. Onom.57.

5. handle of the steering-paddle in a ship, Poll.1.90: in pl., Polyaen.3.11.14, Hld.5.28.

6. an architectural member, αὐχένες δρύινοι SIG2587.308. (Cf. αὔφην; ἄμφην Theoc.30.28.)