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βᾰσῐλ-εύω, to be king, rule, reign, οὐ μέν πως πάντες βασιλεύσομεν ἐνθάδ' Ἀχαιοί Il.2.203; ἶσον ἐμοὶ βασίλευε 9.616; ἐν ὑμῖν ..βασίλευε was king among you, Od.2.47; ὄφρ' Ἰθάκης κατὰ δῆμον ..βασιλεύοι 22.52; also of a woman, ἢ βασίλευεν ὑπὸ Πλάκῳ reigned as queen, Il.6.425; ἡ δὲ Πύλου βασίλευε Od.11.285: in aor., to have become king, Hdt.2.2: c. gen., to be king of, rule over, ἐν ..Ἰθάκῃ βασιλεύσει Ἀχαιῶν Od.1.401, etc.; βασιλεύοντος βασιλέων Ἀρσάκου PAvrom.1A1: c. dat., to be king among, Γιγάντεσσιν βασίλευεν Od. 7.59; later β. ἐπὶ τὰς δύο βασιλείας LXX 1 Ma.1.16:—
Pass., to be governed by a king, Pl.R.576d, 576e,al., Arist.Pol.1284b39, etc.: c.acc. cogn., βασιλείαν πασῶν δικαιοτάτην βασιλεύεσθαι Pl.Lg.680e: generally, to be governed or administered, Pi.P.4.106, etc.; ὑπὸ νόμου Lys. 2.19: hence, submit to the king, Plu.Sull.12.

b. to be ἄρχων β. at Athens, Isoc.18.5,IG12.7�;6, al.; of other magistrates, SIG709 (Chersonesus), 1054 (Samothrace).

c. later ἡ βασιλεύουσα πόλις the imperial city, of Rome, Ath.3.98c, cf. CPHerm.125ii3.

2. enjoy as master, τῶ χρυσῶ β. Theoc.21.60 codd.

3. abs., live royally, β. ἐν πενίᾳ Plu.2.101d, cf. 1 Ep.Cor.4.8.

II. causal, appoint as king, τινά LXXJd.9.6; but β. τισὶ βασιλέα make them a king, ib. 1 Ki.8.22, 12.1.