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βῐάζω, constrain, Act. once in Hom., ἦ μάλα δή με βιάζετε Od.12.297; ἐβίασε τὴν γυναῖκά μου Alc.Com.29: abs., εἰ πάνυ ἐβίαζον if they used force, Hp.Epid.2.24; cf. infr.1.2:—
Pass., fut. βιασθήσομαι Paus. 6.5.9: aor. ἐβιάσθην, pf. βεβίασμαι (v. infr.):—
to be hard pressed or overpowered, βελέεσσι βιάζεται Il.11.589; βιάζετο γὰρ βελ. 15.727; βιασθέντες λύᾳ Pi.N.9.14; νόσῳ Ar.Fr.20 (= Trag.Adesp.70); to be forced or constrained to do, c. inf., Id.Th.890: c. acc. cogn., βιάζομαι τάδε S.Ant.66, cf. 1073; βιασθείς Id.El.575; ἐπεὶ ἐβιάσθη Th.4.44; ὑπό τινος Id.1.2; opp. ἀδικεῖσθαι, ib.77; βιασθεὶς ἄκων ἔπραξεν D.6.16; ἵνα ἢ συγχωρήσωσιν ..ἢ βιασθῶσιν Id.18.175; βιαζόμενος ὑπό τινος ἐξήμαρτεν Antipho 4.4.5; βεβιασμένοι forcibly made slaves, X.Hier.2.12; πόλεις βεβ. Id.HG5.2.23: βιαζόμενος ὑπὸ τῆς παρούσης ἀπορίας Th.7.67; τὸ βιασθέν those who are forced, Arist.Pol.1255a11; of things, τοὔνειδος ὀργῇ βιασθέν forced from one by anger, S.OT 524; τὸ βεβιασμένον forced to fit a hypothesis, Arist.Metaph.1082b2; βεβ. σχήματα forced figures of speech, D.H.Th.33, cf. Porph.Antr. 36.

2. Act., make good, suffice to discharge a debt, PFlor.56.13.

II. more freq. βιάζομαι, aor. Med. ἐβιασάμην, pf. βεβίασμαι D.19.206, Men.Sam.63, D.C.46.45:—
overpower by force, press hard, ἦ μάλα δή σε βιάζεται ὠκὺς Ἀχιλλεύς Il.22.229, etc.; β. τοὺς πολεμίους dislodge them, X.An.1.4.5; β. νόμους to do them violence, Th. 8.53; βιασάμενος ταῦτα πάντα having broken through all these restraints, Lys.6.52; β. γυναῖκα force her, Ar.Pl.1092; opp. πείθειν, Lys.1.32; β. αὑτόν lay violent hands on oneself, Pl.Phd.61c, 61d; β. τινά, c. inf., force one to do, X.An.1.3.1; τί με βιάζεσθε λέγειν; Arist. Fr.44: with inf. omitted, β. τὰ σφάγια force the victims [to be favourable], Hdt.9.41; β. ἄστρα Theoc.22.9: c. dupl. acc., αὐδῶ πόλιν σε μὴ β. τόδε A.Th.1047.

2. c. acc. rei, carry by force, βιάσασθαι τὸν ἔκπλουν force an exit, Th.7.72; τὴν ἀπόβασιν Id.4.11: c. acc. neut., And.4.17, X.HG5.3.12.

3. abs., act with violence, use force, A.Pr. 1010, Ag.1509 (lyr.), S.Aj.1160, etc.; πρὸς τὸ λαμπρὸν ὁ φθόνος βιάζεται Trag.Adesp.547.12; opp. δικάζομαι, Th.1.77; β. διὰ φυλάκων force one's way, Id.7.83; β. ἐς τὸ ἔξω, β. εἴσω, ib.69, X.Cyr.3.3.69; δρόμῳ β. Th.1.63: c. inf., β. πρὸς τὸν λόφον ἐλθεῖν Id.7.79; βιαζόμενοι βλάπτειν using every effort to hurt me, Lys.9.16; but βιαζόμενοιμὴ ἀποδιδόναι refusing with violence to repay, X.HG5.3.12: esp. in part., ἵνα βιασάμενοι ἐκπλεύσωσι may sail out by forcing their way, Th.7.67; συνεξέρχονται βιασάμενοι X.An.7.8.11; ἐπὶ μᾶλλον ἔτι β. (of a famine) grow worse and worse, Hdt.1.94.

4. contend or argue vehemently, c. inf., Pl.Sph.246b; β. τὸ μὴ ὂν ὡς ἔστι κατά τι ib. 241d: abs., persist in assertion, D.21.205.