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βωμός, ὁ, (βαίνω) raised platform, stand, for chariots, Il.8.441; base of a statue, Od.7.100: but,

2. mostly, altar with a base, ἱερὸς β. Il.2.305, etc.; πρὸς βωμῷ σφαγείς A.Eu.305; βωμὸς ἀρῆς φυγάσιν ῥῦμα Id.Supp.84 (lyr.); βωμῶν ἀπείργειν τινά Id.Ch.293; ἀγυιεὺς β. S.Fr.370; of suppliants, ποτὶ βωμὸν ἵζεσθαι Od.22.334; βωμο�;σι προσῆσθαι, προσπεσόντα βωμῷ καθῆσθαι, S.OT16, OC1158; βωμὸν ἵζειν E.Ion1314: also in Prose, β. ἱδρύσασθαι Hdt.3.142, cf. Pl.Prt.322a; ἱζόμενοι ἐπὶ τὸν β. Hdt.6.108; ἐπὶ βωμῶν καθέζεσθαι Lys.2.11.

3. later, tomb, cairn, Epigr.Gr.319.

4. title of poems by Dosiades and Besantinus, AP15.26and25, cf. Luc.Lex.25.

5. altar-shaped cake, IG2.1651B,C, Poll.6.76.

6. Ζεὺς Βωμός, prob. a Syrian god, Hermes37.118 (Syria).

7. central fire in the system of Philolaus, acc. to Placit.2.7.7.

8. in pl., = ἔμβολοι, Hsch.