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ξέν-ιος, α, ον, Ion. ξείνιος (as always in Hdt., and mostly in Hom., but ξένιος when the ult. is long, as in Od.14.158,389, 15.514, al.):—
belonging to friendship and hospitality, hospitable, Ζεὺς ξ. as protector of the rights of hospitality, Ζεὺς ἐπιτιμήτωρ ἱκετάων τε ξείνων τε, ξείνιος, ὃς ξείνοισιν ἅμ' αἰδοίοισιν ὀπηδεῖ (cf. ξένος II) Od.9.271; Ζηνὸς ..ἐδείσατε μῆνιν ξεινίου Il.13.625, cf. A.Ag.61,362 (both anap.), al.; ὦ Ζεῦ ξένιε Cratin.III; also Ἀπόλλων ξ. CIG2214e (Chios); ξ. τράπεζα the guests' table, Od.14.158, 17.155, Pi.I.2.39, etc.; ξ. κοίτα his guest's adultery, Id.P.3.32; ξ. τινί bound to one by ties of hospitality, Hdt.5.63 codd.

2. ξείνια, Att. ξένια (cf. ξεινήϊον), τά, friendly gifts, given to the guest by his host, esp. meat and drink, ξείνιά τ' εὖ παρέθηκεν, ἅ τε ξείνοις θέμις ἐστίν Il.11.779, cf.18.387, Od.5.91, etc.; εἴ μοι ξ. δοίη 9.229, cf. 19.185 (less freq. in sg., ἵνα τοι δῶ ξείνιον 9.356, cf. 20.296, Pi.P.4.35, SIG662.32 (Delos, ii B. C.)); ξένια ..παρέσχε δαῖτα as a friendly gift, A.Ag.1590; βοῦν ξένια ἔπεμψαν X.HG7.2.3, cf. PCair.Zen.75.6 (iii B. C.); ξ. δοῦναι E.Cyc.301; ξ. λήψῃ ib.342; δέξασθαι Lys.18.12; ἐπὶ ξείνια καλέειν to invite one to meat, Hdt. 2.107, 5.18, cf. IG12.19.14,108, X.HG6.4.20, Vect.3.4, D.7.20, etc. (ἐπὶ ξενίαν and ἐπὶ ξενίᾳ freq. as f.l., X.Vect.l.c., D.l.c., D.S.8.25, 13.83, D.H.1.40, Philostr.VA3.33, etc.); ἐπὶ ξείνια παραλαβεῖν τινα Hdt.4.154; ξ. προθεῖναι, προθέσθαι, Id.7.29,135; ἐπαγγείλασθαι καταγωγὴν καὶ ξ. Id.6.35; ξενίοις δέχεσθαί τινα X.An.5.5.24: freq. of presents sent by peaceful inhabitants to an army, ib.5.5.2, 14,25, al.; of provisions supplied to a king or official on a visit, Theopomp.Hist.22(d), PPetr.2p.25 (iii B. C.), PGrenf.2.14(b).9 (iii B. C.), etc.; also of tribute, LXX 2 Ki.8.2, OGI132.11 (Egypt, ii B. C.); of honoraria to artists, SIG689.10 (Delph., ii B. C.): metaph., θάνατος ξένιά σοι γενήσεται E.Hel.480.

II. foreign, ἐπὶ ξενίας (sc. γῆς) Antipho 2.2.9, Pl.Cra.429e, cf. Ath.Mitt.25.427; ἐν ξενίῃ Epigr.Gr. 1041.8.

2. ξ. κόσμος, in Crete, magistrate who tried suits with aliens, GDI4981.4,al.