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inter-rex, rēgis, m., one who held the regal office between the death of one king and the election of another; a regent, interrex, Liv. 1, 17; 1, 32.—

II. During the times of the republic, one who held the supreme power from the death or absence of the chief magistrates till the election of new ones: L. Flaccus interrex legem de Sulla tulit, Cic. Agr. 3, 2, 5; id. Leg. 1, 15, 42; id. Dom. 14, 38: prodere, to nominate, appoint, id. Agr. 3, 2, 5: creare, Liv. 5, 31, 8: infestam patribus plebem interreges cum accepissent, id. 7, 21.