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κρῑός, ὁ, ram, Od.9.447, 461, Hdt.2.42, etc.; κριοὶ ἄγριοι Id.4.192: prov., κριὸς τροφεῖα ἀπέτεισεν, of ingratitude, because a ram butts at those who have brought him up, Zen.4.63, Suid., Hsch.; κριοὺς ἐκγεννᾶν τέκνα Eup.99; κριοῦ διακονία, of thankless service, Suid., Hsch.; τὸν κριὸν ὡς ἐπέχθη the 'shearing of the ram', in allusion to the ode of Simonides in honour of Crius of Aegina, Ar.Nu.1356.

2. battering-ram, X.Cyr.7.4.1, IG22.468, Plb.1.48.9, Ath.Mech.14.1, J. BJ3.7.19, etc.

3. the constellation Aries, Eudox. ap. Hipparch. 1.2.13, Euc.Phaen.p.6 M., Arat.238, J.AJ3.10.5, etc.

II. a seamonster, Ael.NA9.49, 15.2, Opp.H.1.372, 5.33, etc.

III. kind of mussel, Hegesand.36 (κρεῖος cod. A Ath.).

IV. volute on the Corinthian capital, twisted like a ram's horn, Hsch.

V. kind of ship, Poll.1.83.

VI. part of an irrigation-system, dub. sens. in BGU14iii9 (iii A. D.).

VII. a variety of ἐρέβινθος, Thphr.HP8.5.1, PCair.Zen.192.8 (iii B. C.), Dsc.2.104, Gal.6.533: misspelt κρεῖος in Sophil.8: Lat. cicer arietinum, Petron.35, etc.; est enim arietino capiti simile, Plin.HN18.124. (Prob. cogn. with κέρας.)