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λαμπ-τήρ, ῆρος, ὁ, (λάμπω) stand or grate for pine and other wood used for lighting rooms, Od.18.307 sq., 343, 19.63; ὦ χαῖρε, λ. νυκτός thou that lightest up the night, of a beacon-fire, A.Ag.22; ἕσπεροι λαμπτῆρες the evening watch-fires, S.Aj.286; ἡλίου λαμπτῆρες E.Rh.60.

b. epith. of Dionysus, Paus.7.27.3.

2. lantern, E. IA34 (anap.), Hp.Int.26, X.Smp.5.2, Aen.Tact.22.21, PCornell 1.85; λ. ἀντιπεφραγμένος, of a horn-lantern, Philist.15, cf. Emp.84.3; λ. μὴ ἔχοντι τὸ κύκλῳ δέρμα Arist.HA531a5.