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λῑπᾰρ-έω, persist, persevere, hold out, of obstinate resistance, λιπαρήσομεν οὕτω, ὅκως ἂν ἔχωμεν Hdt.8.144: in part., τοὺς Λυδοὺς τέως μὲν διάγειν λιπαρέοντας continued to hold out, under pressure of famine, Id.1.94: reversely, with part. added, λιπαρέετε μένοντες persist in holding your ground, Id.9.45; ἐλιπάρεε ἱστορέων persisted in inquiring, Id.3.51: c. dat., λ. τῇ πόσει keep on drinking, Id.5.19; λ. τῇ ἑταίρᾳ D.L.6.66.

II. of persistent entreaty,

1. abs., to be importunate, λιπαρεόντων δὲ αὐτῶν Hdt.1.86, cf. 2.42, 9.111, A.Pr.520, Pl.Cra.413c, Men.Epit.54, Herod.6.28,93; γενοῦ γλίσχρος προσαιτῶν λιπαρῶν τε Ar.Ach.452, cf. D.21.206.

2. c. acc. et inf., beseech one to do a thing, A.Pr.1004; also τοῦ με χρείας ὧδε λιπαρεῖς τυχεῖν; to obtain what request dost thou so importune me? S.OT1435; λιπαροῦντι μὲν τυχεῖν importunate to obtain, Id.OC776; ξυγγενέσθαι ..μ' ἐλιπάρει ..μάζαις importuned me to become acquainted with cakes, Telecl.38 (cj. Porson), cf. X.Oec.2.16; also λ. τινὰ ὅπως ..PAmh. 2.79.47 (ii A. D.); ἐξαιτήσεσθαι καὶ λιπαρήσειν παρ' ὑμῶν αὐτόν entreat earnestly for him at your hands, D.21.208; but also λ. βωμούς importune .., Plb.32.15.7:—
Pass., to be earnestly entreated, ὑπό τινων X. HG3.5.12.