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λῐτᾰν-εύω, in Hom. with λλ in augm. tenses, ἐλλιτάνευε, ἐλλιτάνευσα: (λιτανός): —
pray, entreat, πάντας δ' ἐλλιτάνευε (v.l. δὲ λ.) Il.15.422:—
Constr. same as λίσσομαι, either abs., Od.7.145: or c. acc. pers., Il. l. c., 9.581, etc.; that by which one prays in gen., γούνων ἐλλιτάνευσα Od.10.481; for which in Il.24.357 we have ἀλλ' ἄγε, γούνων ἁψάμενοι λιτανεύσομεν (Ep. for -ωμεν); also c. inf., 23.196: c. acc. pers. et inf., Hes.Th.469, Pi.N.8.8, etc.: c. Adj. neut., πολλὰ λ. τινά ib.5.32: rare in Att. Poets, Men.49 (dub. l.), and in Prose, X.HG2.4.26, Pl. R.388b, LXXPs.44(45).12; λ. τὸ θεῖον Str.15.1.60; τοὺς θεοὺς εὐχαῖς D.H.4.76.