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μαστός, ὁ, Ep., Ion. μαζός, Hom., Hdt. (exc. in 3.133, 5.18, where codd. give μαστός; twice in codd. of Trag., A.Ch.531, E.Ba.701); Dor. μασδός Theoc.3.16,48; later μασθός LXX Is.32.12 (cod.A), al., Asclep. ap. Gal.13.934, Apoc.1.13 (v.l.), IG3.238 b, PMag.Lond.121.208, etc., also in codd. of A. Ch.545:—
usage contradicts the statement of Gramm. that μαζός is the man's breast, μαστός the woman's:—
breast, δεξιτερὸν κατὰ μαζόν Il.5.393; of men's breasts, βάλε δουρὶ στέρνον ὑπὲρ μαζοῖο 4.528; βάλε στῆθος παρὰ μαζόν 8.121, cf. Od.22.82, X.An.1.4.17, 4.3.6.

2. more freq. of a woman's breast, μαζὸν ἀνέσχε, of Hecuba pleading with Hector, Il.22.80; εἴ ποτέ τοι λαθικηδέα μαζὸν ἐπέσχον ib.83; γυναῖκά τε θήσατο μαζόν sucked her breast, 24.58; πάϊς δέ οἱ ἦν ἐπὶ μαζῷ Od. 11.448; σὺ δέ μ' ἔτρεφες ..τῷ σῷ ἐπὶ μαζῷ 19.483; so φαίνουσαι τοὺς μαζούς Hdt.2.85; τοὺς μ. ἀποταμοῦσα Id.4.202; ἐπὶ τοῦ μαστοῦ ἔφυ φῦμα Id.3.133; προὔκειτο μαστῶν περονίς S.Tr.925; προσέσχε μαζόν, of the mother, A.Ch.531; μαστὸν ἀμφέχασκε, of the child, ib.545, cf. 897; μαστῶν ἀποστάς S.El.776; πῶλον ἀφέλξων σῶν ἀπὸ μαστῶν E.Hec.142 (anap.), etc.

b. rarely of animals, udder, Id.Cyc.55 (lyr.), 207, Call.Jov.48.

c. generally, of the breasts of all mammalia, Arist.HA521b21, PA688a18 sq., GA 752b23.

II. metaph., any round, breast-shaped object:

1. round hill, knoll, Pi.P.4.8, X.An.4.2.6, Call.Del.48.

2. round piece of wool fastened to the edge of nets, X.Cyn.2.6, cf. Poll.5.29.

3. at Paphos, breast-shaped cup, Apollod. Cyren. ap. Ath.11.487b, cf. IG7.3498 (Oropus), 11(4).1307.21 (Delos).