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μήποτε or μή ποτε, Ion. μή κοτε (v. infr. 11):

I. as Adv. never, on no account, after ὡς, A.Pr.205, Eu.882; after εἰ, Id.Ch.182, etc.: c. inf., Id.Eu.977, Supp.617; esp. in oaths, never, ὀμοῦμαι, μή ποτε τῆς εὐνῆς ἐπιβήμεναι Il.9.133, 275; ἐπεκέκλετ' Ἐρινῦς, μή ποτε ..ἐφέσσεσθαι ib.455; in aposiopesis, ἢ μήπορ' ἆρ' ..Men.Sam.97: in orat. obliq., Hes.Op.86.

2. in prohibition or warning, with aor. subj., μή ποτε καὶ σὺ ..ὀλέσσῃς Od.19.81, etc.: with inf. for imper., 11.441.

3. in later Gr., perhaps, Arist.EN1172a33, LXX Ge.24.5, Aristeas 15, Ph.1.13, Arr.Epict.3.22.80, Plu.2.106d, A.D.Pron.18.4.

II. as Conj., lest ever, αἰσχυνόμενοι φάτιν ἀνδρῶν .., μή ποτέ τις εἴπῃσι Od.21.324, al.; οὐδαμὰ ἐλπίσας μή κοτε ἄρα ..ἐλάσῃ Hdt.1.77, cf. 8.53.