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μήτε, and not, mostly doubled, μήτε ..μήτε ..neither ..nor .., Hom., etc.; μήτε .., μήτ' οὖν ..A.Ag.358 (anap.), 472 (lyr.); μηδέ τῳ ἐκφάσθαι, μήτ' ἀνδρῶν μήτε γυναικῶν Od.13.308; μήτε .., μηδέ, v. μηδέ; μήτε .., τε ..both not .., and .., Il.13.230, Hdt.1.63, E.Heracl. 454, Lys.12.72; also μήτε .., δέ ..S.OC421, Pl.Lg.627e; μή .., μήτε ..S.OC496 codd., E.IA978 codd.

2. μήτε is perh. sts. omitted in the former of two clauses, ἑκόντα μήτ' ἄκοντα S.Ph.771 (v. l.), cf. Ant.267.