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μόλυβδος, ὁ (ἡ, v. infr. III. 2), lead, Simon.64 (dub.), Hdt.3.56, Th. 1.93, IG12.371.12,22.1666.30,al., PCair.Zen.386r (iii B.C.), etc.; τηκτὸς μ. E.Andr.267, etc.

II. plumbago, used as a test of gold, Thgn.417,1105,Arist.Mete.349a2.

2. circular piece of lead for drawing ruled lines, AP6.67 (Jul. Aeg.).

III. = μολύβδιον II, Hp.Mul. 2.132,al.

2. μ., ἡ, = μολυβδίς 3, Ammon.Diff.p.120 V.—
Acc. to EM590.8, μόλυβδος and μόλιβος, with their respective derivs., are the correct forms, and this is corroborated by the earlier Inscrr. and Pap.; but later Inscrr., Pap., and codd. show much variation in spelling in derivs.; cf. βόλιμος, περιβολιβόω. (Prob. a foreign word like the cogn. Lat. plumbum.)