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ὁσι-όω, make holy, Med., keep oneself pure, E.Ba.114, v. l. in 70 (both lyr.):—
Pass., to be purified, hallowed, ὁσιωθείς Id.Fr.472.15 (anap.); ὡσιώθησαν αἱ ἡμέραι X.HG3.3.1; of the souls of men, Plu.Rom.28.

2. abs., make things pure, do what heaven requires, φυγαῖσι by banishing the murderer, E.Or.515; τὸ τὸν κατιόντα ὁσιοῦν καὶ καθαίρεσθαι D.23.73; ὁσιοῦν [τινα] τῇ γῇ satisfy divine law by throwing earth, Philostr. Her.10.7.