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ὀνομ-αστός, ή, όν, in dialects ὀνῠμ- Pi.P.1.38 (as pr. n. of a Delphian, Berl.Sitzb.1927.158 (Cyrene)):—
named, to be named, and οὐκ ὀνομαστός not to be named or mentioned, i.e. abominable, Κακοί̈λιον οὐκ ὀνομαστήν Od.19.260,597, cf. Hes.Th.148.

II. of name or note, famous, Thgn.23, Pi.l.c., Hdt.4.47, Isoc.12.261, Phoen.2.11, etc.: Comp. and Sup., Hdt.6.126,2.178.

2. of things, notable, ὀνομαστὰ πράσσων E.HF509.