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ὀροφή, ἡ, (ἐρέφω) roof of a house, or ceiling of a room, Od.22.298, IG12.373.246, Hdt.2.148, Pherecr.121, Ar.Nu.173, etc.: pleon., καταστέγασμα τῆς ὀ. Hdt.2.155; διελεῖν τὴν ὀ. take off the tiling, Th. 4.48; cf. κέραμος 11.2: pl., woodwork of the roof, Thphr.HP5.3.7.

2. top of a beehive, Arist.HA624a6.

II. Syrian name of a plant, = κροκοδιλιάς, Aët.11.2.