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παιδεία, ἡ, rearing of a child, A. Th.18.

2. training and teaching, education, opp. τροφή, Ar.Nu.961, Th.2.39(pl.); π. καὶ τροφή Pl. Phd.107d, Phlb.55d.

3. its result, mental culture, learning, education, ἡ π. εὐτυχοῦσι κόσμος, ἀτυχοῦσι καταφύγιον Democr.180, cf. Pl. Prt.327d, Grg.470e, R.376e, Arist.Pol.1338a30, etc.; τῆς Λακεδαιμονίων π. Pl.Prt.343a: in pl., parts or systems of education, Id.Lg. 653c, 804d.

4. culture of trees, Thphr.CP3.7.4.

5. πλεκτὰν Αἰγύπτου παιδείαν ἐξηρτήσασθε the twisted handiwork of Egypt, i.e. (acc. to Sch.) ropes of papyrus, E.Tr.129 (lyr.).

6. anything taught or learned, art, science, π. ἱερή, of medicine, IG14.2104.

7. chastisement, LXX Pr.22.15, Ep.Hebr.12.5.

II. youth, childhood, παιδείης πολυήρατον ἄνθος Thgn.1305, cf. 1348; ἐκ παιδείας φίλος Lys.20.11; so (prob.) στερρὰν παιδείαν E.IT206(lyr.).

2. in collect. sense, body of youths, παιδείας λιπαρὴς ὄχλος Luc.Am.6.