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παιδίσκ-η, ἡ, Dim. of παῖς (ἡ), young girl, maiden, X.An.4.3.11, Anaxil.22.26, Men.102, etc.; π. νέα, of a wife, Plu.Cic.41.

II. young female slave, bondmaid, Lys.1.12, 13.67, PCair.Zen.142 (iii B. C.), Ep.Gal.4.22: generally, maidservant, Ev. Marc.14.66; τοὺς παῖδας καὶ τὰς π. Ev.Luc.12.45.

2. prostitute, Hdt.1.93, Is.6.19, Plu.Per.24, Cat. Ma.24, etc.; αἱ δημόσιαι π. Ath.10.437e.