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παραθέω, run beside or alongside, Pl.La.183e, X.HG7.1.21, etc.; τινι Plu.Luc.21; run along, τὴν ὄχθην Ael.NA6.53; of winds, παρὰ τὰ κοῖλα τῆς Εὐβοίας Thphr.Vent.32.

II. run to one side of or overrun, τὸ ὀρθόν Pl.Tht.171c.

III. run beyond, outrun, τινα X. An.4.7.12; run past, Id.Cyn.6.16,19.

IV. touch on cursorily, Luc.Hist.Conscr.57.

V. pass on, be transient, π. καὶ οὐ μένειν Plot.4.6.3.