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πέμπτος, η, ον, (πέντε) fifth: with four others, πέμπτος μετὰ τοῖσιν Od.9.335; π. αὐτός Th.1.61,3.19; π. σπιθαμή, i.e. four cubits and a span, Hdt.2.106; ἐς π. μῆνα by the fifth month, Id.1.77; τὸ πέμπτον μέρος a fifth, Pl. Ap.36b, etc.; τὸ π., as Adv., for the fifth time, ὕπατοι, ὑπατεύων, D.S.19.77, Plu.Fab.19.

II. ἡ πέμπτη (sc.ἡμέρα) the fifth day, Hes. Op.802, 803, Ar.Nu.1131.

b. ἡ π. (sc. ὥρα) the fifth hour, Arr.Epict.1.1.29.

2. ἡ π. (sc. ὁδός), in the Roman camp, = via quintana, Plb.6.30.6.

3. ἡ π. tax of one-fifth, PLond.3.1107.5, al. (iii A.D.).

III. τὸ π. σῶμα the fifth or celestial element, Philol.12, Placit.1.3.22; called π. στοιχεῖον ib.2.6.2; π. οὐσία ib.2.25.7, Phlp. in Ph. 9.29.