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πέριξ, strengthd. for περί, mostly Ion. Prose and Trag. (in latter usu. Adv.):

I. Prep., round about, all round, c. gen., Hdt.1.179, 2.91, X.An.7.8.12, Epicur.Ep.2p.51U., etc.

2. rarely c. dat., E.Ph.710.

3. commonly c. acc., Hdt.1.196, 3.158, 4.36, al.: mostly before its case, but also after, ib.52,79, as also in A.Pers.368, dub. in E.HF243.

II. Adv. round about, π. ὑπορύσσοντες τὸ τεῖχος Hdt.5.115; π. λαβεῖν ἄνθρωπον to surround him, ib.87; κύκλῳ π. A.Pers.418, dub. in S.Ant.1301, E.Andr.266; [Ὠκεανὸς] π. γᾶν ἀμπέχει Limen.10: metaph., πᾶν π. φρονοῦντες circuitously, E.Andr. 448: rare in Att. Prose, π. πολιορκεῖν Th.6.90; ὁ π. τόπος, οἱ π., Pl.Ti.62e, X.Cyr.1.5.2, cf. Epicur.Ep.2p.47U.; ὁ π. χρόνος, i.e. all times save the present, Arist.Int.16b18; τὸ π. ὕδωρ Thphr.Sens.26; later αἱ π. πόλεις Act.Ap.5.16; αἱ π. κῶμαι SIG880.44 (Pizus, iii A.D.).