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πηλός (Dor. πᾱλός Sophr.32, Cerc.3.3, IG5(1).1447.16 (Messene, iii/ii B. C.)), ὁ, Syrac. ἡ Phryn.38:—
clay, earth, used by masons and potters, Hdt.2.36, 136, Ar.Av.1143, Th.2.76, Pl.Tht.147a, Plb.15.35.2; πηλὸν ὀργάζειν Eup.248, S.Fr.482, cf. 510, 787, Ar.Av.839; π. ἠχυρωμένος clay mixed with chaff for use as mortar, IG22.463.42, cf. 5(1)l.c., LXXGe.11.3; εὐώδεϊ πηλῷ, of earth on which wine has been poured, Tryph.349; Βρομιώδεα π. φύρησαν ..Χάριτες, of a drinkingcup, AP11.27 (Maced.): metaph., clay from which man was made: hence ὁ π. ὁ Προμηθεῖος, of man, Call.Fr.87, cf. 133, Ar.Av.686; ἐκ ποίου πηλοῦ πεφύρητ' εἰδότα Herod.2.29.

2. mud, mire, Hdt.2.5, 4.28, Ar.V.248, Th.2.4, Pl.R.363d, etc.: prov., ἔξω κομίζειν πηλοῦ πόδα A.Ch.697; κάσις πηλοῦ ξύνουρος, i. e. dust, Id.Ag.495: metaph., ἀνέρες ὧν τὸ κέαρ παλῶ σέσακται Cerc. l.c.

II. Poet., thick or muddy wine, lees, S.Fr.783; of wine spilt on the floor, Plu.2.463a, Charito 1.3; cf. Πηλεύς fin.

III. metaph., dolt, blockhead, Com. Adesp.890.