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ποδᾰπός, ή, όν, from what country?: hence, generally, whence? where born? Hdt.7.218 (as v.l.), A.Ch.575, S.OC1160, E.Cyc.276, etc.; τίς καὶ π.; Pl.Ap.20b; π. τὸ γένος; Ar.Pax186, cf. Av.108; of wine, π. ὁ Βρόμιος; Θάσιος Alex.230.

2. generally, of what sort? π. τὸ δῶρον; S.Fr.453: freq. in later Gr., Ev.Matt.8.27, Ev.Luc.1.29, Hermog.Inv.1.1, etc.; in a play on both senses, π. τὸ γένος; πλούσιος Alex.90; π. (sc. κύων); οἷος ..μὴ δάκνειν D.25.40. Adv. -πῶς Hdn. Gr.2.925; ποταπῶς Gloss. (Phryn.39 considers signf. 2 un-Attic, but S.l.c. is cited by Sch. D.T.p.239 H.: the spelling ποταπός (wh. is f.l. in Alex.230 (codd. Ath.)) is found in later Gr., ll. cc. supr., cf. Phld.Vit.p.25J., D.H.7.57, Ph.1.157(v.l.), Philostr.VA3.16, Luc. Par.22, Jul.Or.4.138c. ποδ- = Lat. quod; for the termination cf. ἀλλοδαπός (and v. A.D.Synt.20.15). Derived fr. ποίου δαπέδου by Phryn.l.c., Phot.)