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ποδ-ήρης, ες, reaching to the feet, πέπλοι, χιτὼν π., a robe that falls over the feet, E.Ba.833, X.Cyr.6.4.2, Paus.5.19.6, etc. (later ποδήρης alone (sc. χιτών) of the High Priest's robe, LXXEx.25.6, Aristeas96); π. ἀσπίς large shield which covered the body down to the feet, X.An.1.8.9, Cyr.6.2.10: Com., πώγων π. καθεῖται Plu.2.52c.

2. ναῦς π. a ship with feet, i.e. oars, Hsch., Eust.1515.29; στῦλος π. a firmly based pillar, A.Ag.898.

3. τὰ π. parts about the feet, feet, ib.1594. (-ήρης perh. from -ᾱρης, cf. Arc. pr. n. Ποδάρης.)