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προηγ-έομαι, go first and lead the way, Hdt.2.48, 7.40, X.Lac.13.2, etc.; τινι for a person, i.e. guide him, τῷ θεῷ Ar.Pl.1195, cf. X.Cyr. 2.1.1; π. τὴν [ὁδόν] Id.An.6.5.10; of troops, form the van, Id.Cyr.4.2.27; π. πᾶσι [τοῖς ποσίν] to have all in front, Arist.IA714a4.

b. precede logically, τινος S.E.P.1.210.

2. c. gen., take the lead of, τῶν προόδων ἄλλους προόδους ..προηγεῖσθαι X.Eq.Mag.4.5; π. τῆς πομπῆς Plb.12.13.11; of the planets in retrograde motion, get ahead of, ἀπλανῶν ἀστέρων Gem.12.22: later c. acc., ἀλλήλους π. τῇ τιμῇ Ep.Rom.12.10:—
c. inf., προήγημαι τὴν τούτων ἐπίδοσιν ποήσεσθαι have taken the initiative in .., BGU1193.11 (i B.C.).

3. of things, τὸ πῦρ μὲν ἀπὸ τούτων τῶν ἱερῶν προηγεῖται goes before, precedes, X.Lac. 13.3; ῥάβδοι π. ἑκάστῳ Plb.6.53.8.

4. pres. part. προηγούμενος, η, ον, going first, τὸ π. στράτευμα the van, opp. οὐρά, X.Ages.2.2; preceding, foregoing, Phld.Ir.p.94 W.; γράμματα Plu.Pomp.45.

b. Math., τὰ π. forward points, i.e. those lying on the same side of the radius vector of a spiral as the direction of its motion, Archim.Spir. 11 Def.6; ἁ π. εὐθεῖα Id.Spir.21,23.

c. Astron., τὰ π. ζῴδια signs leading in the daily movement of the heavens, i.e. westerly signs, opp. ἑπόμενα, Gem.1.5, Theo Sm.p.147 H., etc.

d. τὰ π. initial data, premisses, Plb.16.16.6, Arr.Epict.1.20.1; σημεῖα Phld.Sign.36; φαντασίαι M.Ant.8.49; π. οὐσία τοῦ ἀγαθοῦ given, i.e. external to the soul, Arr.Epict.3.7.6; τὸ π., opp. τὸ ἐπιγέννημα, ib.7; τὰ π. originals of paintings, Arist.Mu.396b14.

e. leading, principal, κατὰ π. λόγον according to a guiding principle, Zeno Stoic.1.48; ὁ π. λόγος, τὸ π. ἔργον, Arr.Epict.1.20.14, 2.5.4; σύν τινι προηγουμένῳ in conjunction with a purpose, Iamb.VP27.131, cf. Plot.4.4.8; χειρὸς οὐσία μὲν ἡ σάρξ, προηγούμενα δὲ τὰ χειρὸς ἔργα Arr.Epict.3.7.24, cf. 3.22.76; ὑπηρετικὰ ἄλλοις, οὐκ αὐτὰ π. ib.2.8.6; so in Math., π. θεώρημα leading theorem, opp. ἀντίστροφον, Euc.p.254F.

f. Medic., π. αἴτιον predisposing cause, Ath.Med. ap. Gal.15.112, cf. 7.10, al.; π. αἰτίαι antecedent causes, Chrysipp.Stoic.2.264.

5. aor. part., ὁ -ησάμενος the former ἡγεμών, PLips.63.6(iv A.D.), etc.