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προσβολή, ἡ, (προσβάλλω) application, e.g. of the touchstone, A. Ag.391 (lyr., pl.); ἡ τῆς σικύας π. Arist.Rh.1405b3; ἡ π. τῶν ὀμμάτων πρός τι Pl.Tht.153e; φίλιαι π. προσώπων, of kisses, E.Supp.1138 (lyr.): abs., kiss, embrace, Id.Med.1074; τῆς γλώττης προσβολαί, opp. συμβολαὶ τῶν χειλῶν, Arist.PA660a6; ἄνευ προσβολῆς (sc. τῆς γλώττης) pronounced without applying the tongue to the teeth, etc., Id.Po.1456b26: metaph., π. τῆς φαντασίας Stoic.2.33: abs., of an act of intuition, Porph.Sent.43, Plot.2.9.1, 3.8.10, al.

2. in an auction, document recording the knocking down of a lot to a purchaser, PEleph.23.17 (iii B.C.), PTeb.814.28 (iii B.C.).

II. (from intr. sense) falling upon, attack, assault (expld. by Hsch. as τῶν ἀθλητῶν ἡ συναφὴ καὶ κατοχή), π. Ἀχαιίς A.Th.28; προσβολὴν ποιέεσθαι πέριξ τὸ τεῖχος Hdt.3.158: pl., Id.4.128, Th.2.4, 5.61, X.HG 1.3.14, etc.; προσβολὰς παρασκευάζεσθαι τῷ τείχει Th.2.18; προσβολῆς γινομένης πρὸς τὸ τεῖχος Hdt.6.101; τὰς π. ἀποκρούεσθαι Id.4.200; προσβολαὶ ἱππέων Th.3.1, cf. X.An.3.4.2; π. sudden attacks, opp. ξυσταδὸν μάχαι, Th.7.81; ἐκ προσβολῆς at the first assault, Philostr.Her.19.3; ἀντιφραττόμενοι ταῖς π. SIG780.19 (Epist.Augusti, i B.C.).

2. generally, attack, visitation, προσβολαὶ Ἐρινύων A.Ch. 283; μιασμάτοιν Id.Eu.600; δαιμόνων Ar.Pax39 (with allusion to the stench striking one's nose, cf. προσβάλλω 1.3); προσβολαὶ κακαί E.El.829; ἐκ θεοῦ προσβολῆς ἐμηνάμην Id.Cret.9; π. θεῖαι Antipho 3.3.8; πυρὸς ἢ χειμῶνος προσβολῇ Pl.Lg.865b; attack, fit of disease, Dsc. 5.113; π. δεισιδαιμονίας Plu.2.43d: but, beat of pulse, Ruf.Syn.Puls. 7.5.

3. without hostile sense, impact of sound, βραδεῖα μὲν γὰρ ἐν λόγοισι π. μόλις δι' ὠτὸς ἔρχεται ῥυπωμένου, i.e. impressions through an old man's ears are slow, S.Fr.858; contact, π. καὶ ἐπαφή Stoic.2.123; τοῦ ἡλίου αἱ π. αἱ πρῶται Ael.NA14.23.

4. means of approaching, approach, παρέχειν π. καὶ ἐπαφήν Pl.Sph.246a; προσβολὰς ἀφράστους ἔχειν, of a place, Plu.Caes.53; π. ἔχειν τῆς Σικελίας to afford a means of entering Sicily, Th.4.1; ἡ τοῦ στομάχου π. Arist.HA507b3; οὔσης ..τραχείας τῆς π. Plb.3.51.4; of ships, landing-place, harbour, place to touch at, ὁλκάδων π. Th.4.53; of a place, ἐν προσβολῇ εἶναι τῆς Σικελίας to be a port of call on the voyage to Sicily, Id.6.48; meeting-point, Pl.Ti.36c.

5. Rhet., in pl., approaches to a subject, ject, Philostr.VS1.9.1.

III. (from Pass.) that which is put upon a weapon or tool, iron point, D.C.38.49 (pl.), Phryn.PSp.100 B. (nisi leg. προβολή).

2. point of attachment of a stake fixed in the ground, Plb.18.18.14 (pl.).