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προσκᾰλέω, call on, summon, τινας Th.8.98(v.l.), S.Aj.89, Pl.Men. 82a, etc.; address, accost, ὀνόματι D.C.71.34; ἑαυτόν A.D.Synt.218.27 (Med.).

2. metaph., call forth, excite, ἔκκρισιν Sor.1.26; ἱδρῶτα ib.31.

II. Med. with pf. Pass. (v. infr.), call to oneself, invite, summon, τινα v.l. in X.An.7.7.2, cf. PCair.Zen.647.25 (iii B.C), Plu. 2.354d, Luc.DDeor.19.1; τὰς κύνας Poll.5.85; esp. call to one's aid, τινα Philipp. ap. D.18.166; τινὰ ἐς τὴν πολιτείαν dub.l. in Plu.Dem. 21: c. dupl. acc., τὸ ἔργον ὃ προσκέκλημαι αὐτούς to which I have called them, Act.Ap.13.2.

2. as law-term, of an accuser, cite or summon into court, Telecl.2, Ar.V.1334; π. τινὰ ὕβρεως lay an action for assault, ib.1417; in full, π. δίκην ἀσεβείας πρὸς τὸν βασιλέα Lys.6.11, cf. 21.19, D.18.150; π. τινὰ πρὸς τὸν πολέμαρχον Lys.23.2; π. σε ..πρὸς τοὺς ἀγορανόμους βλάβης τῶν φορτίων Ar.V.1406; π. τινὰ εἰς δίκην δημοσίαν X.Mem.2.9.5; π. τινὰ πρὸς τὸν ἄρχοντα εἰς διαδικασίαν D.43.7, cf. 15; τραύματος εἰς Ἄρειον πάγον Luc.Tim.46, cf. Pisc.39:—
Pass., to be summoned, λιποταξίου, ξενίας, on a charge of .., D.39.17,18; φόνου δίκην Arist.Ath.16.8; ὑπομεῖναι προσκληθεὶς δίκην εἰς Ἄρειον πάγον submitted to be summoned ..before the Areopagus, Id.Pol.1315b21; προσκληθείς summoned, Antipho 5.13, D.49.19, cf. Ar.Nu.1277; παρὰ τοῦ ..ἔχοντος τὸν κλῆρον προσκαλεῖσθαι that citation should be made of the party in possession, D.43.7; cf. πρόσκλησις.

3. cite as witness, Pl.Lg.936e codd.; εἰς μαρτυρίαν D. 29.20 codd.; μάρτυρα Plu.2.205b.