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προσομολογ-έω, concede or grant besides, Hyp.Ath.8; agree with, τοῖσι ὀρθῶς εἰρημένοισι Hp.Vict.1.1; acknowledge a further debt, π. τριακοσίας δραχμάς Isoc.17.39, cf. D.27.42: c. acc. et inf. with or without dat., grant also that .., Pl.Grg.461b, Sph.248d; ἀληθῆ εἶναι D. 48.44.

2. simply, concede, allow, Isoc.9.50; admit, confess, πάντων εἶναι δεινότατος Id.15.35; τὴν ἐπιβουλήν J.BJ1.25.1:—
Pass., ταῦθ' ὑμῖν -ομολογεῖται ἅπαντα And.1.15; παλαιὰ καὶ λίαν προσωμολογημένα Aeschin.3.53 (v.l. προωμ-).

3. promise further, c. inf. fut., D.56. 6, Sammelb.7421.17 (i B.C.), etc.

4. give in, surrender, X.An.7.4.24.