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πτέρυξ (πτερύξ Aristarch. ap. Hdn.Gr.1.45), ῠγος, ἡ: Ep. dat. pl. πτερύγεσσι: (πτερόν):—
wing of a bird, Il.2.316; mostly pl., ib.462, Od.2.149, Hes.Sc.134, A.Ag.52 (anap.), etc.; λευκὴ πτεροῖσι, πλὴν ..ἄκρων τῶν πτερύγων white in its plumage, save ..the tips of the wings, of the ibis, Hdt.2.76; of Eros and Nike, Aristopho 11.8: metaph., κινοῦντα πτέρυγας ἤδη 'trying your wings', Lib.Ep.155.2.

2. winged creature, bird, AP6.12 (Jul.).

3. flight, augury, omen, ποίων (sc. ὀρνίχων) οὐκ ἀγαθαὶ πτέρυγες Call.Lav.Pall.124.

II. anything like a wing,

1. in pl.,= πτερύγια, fins of fish, Arist. HA505b21, Mir.835b10, Ael.NA11.24; flippers of seals, Arist. PA697b5; of dolphins and whales, Id.HA537b3; of the tortoise, Nic.Al.559.

2. pl., feathery foliage, Thphr.HP3.9.6.

b. = ἄσπληνος 1, Dsc.3.134.

3. blade of the steering-paddle, IG22.1607.74: hence, rudder, S.Fr.1083; ἑξήρετμοι π., of oars, Epigr.Gr.337.2 (Cyzicus).

4. flap of a cuirass, X.An.4.7.15 (v.l.), cf. Eq.12.4, 6; of the Doric χιτών, Ar.Fr.325, Men.Epit.187, Com.Adesp.17.1 D., Plu.Comp.Lyc.Num.3, Poll.7.62.

5. broad edge of a knife or hunting-spear, Plu.Alex.16, Poll.5.21; beak of the sword-fish (v.l. ῥύγχος), Ael.NA9.40.

6. lobe of the lungs, Hp.Coac.394.

7. point of a building, Poll.7.121.

8. front frame of a torsion-engine, Hero Bel.101.8.

9. shoulder-blade, Philostr.Gym.30.

10. in pl., title of poem whose lines form a pattern like wings, AP15.24 (Simm.).

11. pl., sails, Com.Adesp.9 D., Lyr.Alex.Adesp.20.9.

III. anything that covers or protects like wings, π. πέπλων E.Ion 1143; κολπώδη πτέρυγ' Εὐβοίας, i.e. Aulis, Id.IA120 (lyr.); νεοσσὸς ὡσεὶ πτέρυγας εἰσπίτνων ἐμάς Id.Tr.751; of a mountain, Λιβάνου πτέρυγες Musae.48.

2. fence, wall, Lyc.291.

IV. metaph., πτέρυγες γόων the wings, i.e. the flight or flow, of grief, S. El.242 (lyr.); π. Πιερίδων Pi.I.1.64.