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τάχᾰ, Adv., (τᾰχύς) quickly, presently, forthwith, Hom., who, like Pi. (O.2.29, 4.83, al.) and B. (5.89), uses it only of time, Il.1.205, 2.193,al.; ἦ τ. soon i'faith, Od.18.73,338; of past time, τ. δ' Ἕκτορος ἄγχι γένοντο Il.8.117: also in Trag.and (more rarely) Att.Prose and Com., with fut., τάχ' εἴσομαι A.Th.261, cf. Ag.489,1649, Ch.305, S.OT84, Ar.Ra.527, Pl.Sph.247d, etc.; ἔοικα θεσπιῳδήσειν τ. A.Ag.1161; πέμψον πρὸς ἐμὲ τ. Sammelb.7356.25 (ii A.D.); in this sense not found in LXX or in Papyri (exc. l.c.); τάχα ἐπειδάν, = ἐπειδὰν τάχιστα, as soon as, Pl.Phdr.242a.

II. perhaps, to express any contingency from a probability to bare possibility, δὶς μὲν γὰρ καὶ τρὶς τ. τεύξεαι Hes. Op.401; τ. οὐδὲ τεθέασθε τυραννουμένην πόλιν Pl.Lg.711a, cf. Hp. Ma.303b, X.An.5.2.17, Theoc.27.61, Bion Fr.4.8, Gal.16.685,690: more freq. τάχ' ἄν, probably, perhaps, Hdt.1.70, al., freq. in Trag. and Att.; mostly with opt., as Hdt. l.c., A.Pr.314, Eu.512 (lyr.), S. OT139, Th.1.81, etc.; rarely with aor. ind., Pl.Phdr.256c, Gal.16.596; with impf. ind., D.36.55; with part., S.OT523, Th.6.2; with inf., Luc.Icar.10; τάχ' ἄν alone, in answers, Pl.Sph.255c, R.369a, etc.: strengthd., τάχα ..ἴσως Ar.Th.718; ἴσως τ. X.HG7.1.24; τ. τοίνυν ἴσως D.21.191; τάχ' ἂν ἴσως Pl.Plt.264c; τάχ' ἴσως ἄν Id.Sph. 247d; ἴσως τάχ' ἄν S.Aj.691, Th.6.34, Pl.Ti.38e; ἀμφισβητοῦντες προστιθέασιν ἀεὶ τὸ ἴσως καὶ τ. Arist.Rh.1389b19; in this sense only twice in LXX (Wi.13.6, 14.19).

III. Sup. τάχιστα, v. ταχύς c. 11.

IV. Ar. formed an acc. pl. τάχας, perhaps-es, Fr.869.