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τᾰρῑχ-εύω, preserve the body by artificial means, embalm, of Egyptian mummies, Hdt.2.86, Pl.Phd. 80c.

II. preserve food by salting, pickling, or smoking, τ. ὄα Id.Smp.190d; ἐλᾶν ( = ἐλαίαν) PRyl.231.5 (i A.D.):—
Pass., [ἰχθύας] ἐξ ἅλμης τεταριχευμένους Hdt.2.77, cf. PGiss.93.2 (ii A.D.), etc.; τεμάχη τεταριχευμένα preserved meat, X.An.5.4.28; χλωρὰ [κάππαρις] πρὶν -ευθῆναι Gal.6.615.

2. season wood by soaking it in water, Thphr.HP4.2.2, 5.4.8.

3. macerate, Olymp.Alch.p.70 B., al.

III. metaph. in Pass., waste away, wither, κακῶς ταριχευθέντα παμφθάρτῳ μόρῳ A.Ch.296, cf. Sophr.54; τεταριχευμένος stale, opp. νεαλὴς καὶ πρόσφατος, D.25.61.

2. Medic., reduce a patient by starving, Gal.15.595.